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Teacher Feature: Sylvia Crawford, Blackshear Elementary

Teacher Feature: Sylvia Crawford, Blackshear Elementary

Blackshear Elementary 3rd-grade bilingual teacher Sylvia Crawford is a true leader for her little Buffaloes. 

Ms. Crawford has been an outstanding educator at the elementary school since it opened 11 years ago.

“Above all else, becoming a teacher was a true calling from God. He sent the right people at the right time during a crossroads in my life,” Ms. Crawford said. “All the signs were evident and undeniable, so I took a leap of faith.”

From a young age, Ms. Crawford has loved teaching, often playing “school” in her spare time. Her parents played a huge role in fostering her passion for learning as they instilled the importance of education in her. 

“I realize that what I love about teaching is when the learning among teachers and students happens organically,” Ms. Crawford said. “It’s the learning that happens beyond what was planned.”

Ms. Crawford takes a unique approach to teach her bilingual students. She focuses on what gets them most engaged and creates intentional lessons based on what she’s learned about them and their own learning styles. 

“My kids enjoy kinesthetic activities, so I try to incorporate strategies like total physical response and simulations,” Ms. Crawford said. “One way I do that is with our poetry cafe, where they enjoy a three-course meal to practice their poetry skills.”

As a bilingual teacher, she strives to connect with her students on a real-life level. Ms. Crawford sees herself in her students, and sharing her experiences helps them become more confident learners and leaders. 

“I feel that when I share my childhood experiences as a student, my kids see the positive results of having a growth mindset,” Ms. Crawford said. “I am candid about how my academic and social struggles as an emergent bilingual student navigating two cultures helped to strengthen me as a student.“

Ms. Crawford doesn’t take her role lightly as an educator and cherishes the moments she shares with her students. 

“What I love most about my job is the connections I make with my kids. I love learning how unique each child is and seeing how their personalities develop over time,” Ms. Crawford said, “I hope to inspire them to see their education as an avenue to open many doors in their lives.”

Thank you, Ms. Crawford, for all that you do for every student, helping them navigate education between two cultures. We are so grateful for educators like you!

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