PE Guidelines

We are very excited about working with your children in Physical Education and Health. This school year will include a wide range of activities for all grade levels. We will need your support for the following guidelines.

: Our primary goal is to provide a positive learning environment where all students can experience success at their own personal fitness level. We stress the importance of good sportsmanship, develop positive character traits, and provide skills that will encourage fitness for life. Students will be involved in activities that will build skills that will cross over to a wide variety of games, sports, and life activities. Other activities include jump rope, juggling, aerobic games, locomotor skills, FITNESSGRAM, parachute, rhythmic activities, and many others. By integrating the Physical Education Curriculum along with TEKS, students are engaged in activities that develop basic levels of strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Dress Code/Appropriate Apparel: As safety is a primary concern, we ask that your child wears tennis shoes or some type of flat, enclosed, rubber soled shoes with backs on them. Do not wear slip-on shoes. Girls need to wear shorts under dresses or skirts. If your child wears inappropriate shoes, he/she will not be allowed to participate for his/her own safety, which also could affect his/her participation grade.

Excuses from Participation: It is the Klein ISD policy that any student not able to participate in PE class activities must present a written excuse from his/her parent or guardian. This note is good for only three (3) days. After three days, a doctor’s excuse is required. If your child is not able to participate in PE, please make sure they understand they will not be able to participate in recess activities as well.

Grading: Every nine weeks your child will receive a PARTICIPATION, CONDUCT, and HEALTH grade. They will receive an E, S, N, or U, for each category.

  • Participation grades are based on the student’s effort applied and his/her participation, NOT athletic ability. If they try their best, they will receive a good grade. We believe all students can be successful and have fun if the effort is put forth.
  • Conduct grades are based on behavior.
    • E = 0-1 Checks in the grade book. Student is rarely/if ever reset.
    • S = 2-3 Checks in the grade book. Student is occasionally reset.
    • N = 4 Checks in the grade book. Student is frequently reset, and a discipline note is sent home.
    • U = 5 Checks in the grade book. Student is frequently reset, a discipline note has been sent home, and student is continuing to have behavior issues.
  • ***If your child’s conduct grade drops to an N within the 9 week grading period, it may be brought up to an S if behavior improves.
  • Health grades are given in the form of E, S, N, U, every nine weeks. By teaching specific Health TEKS, the students will be discussing topics such as nutrition, benefits of exercise, muscles, and diseases. These are just a few of the many topics to be covered in our wellness program.

CATCH: Coordinated Approach To Child Health is the program we use to teach children about good nutrition and the importance of being active. CATCH builds an alliance with PE, classroom teachers, food service, and the families to teach skills and behaviors associated with maintaining healthy lifestyles.

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